THE RAT. The big ugly one.

I couldn't tell the tale in a five-minute conversation. Which seems to be all I've been having with any given acquaintances or casual friends. I'll have to write it down instead. To begin, I've been deteriorating rapidly in a state of lonely rot lately. Collecting mental bacteria deposited by the house flies of doubt, self-loathing, … Continue reading THE RAT. The big ugly one.


20th Post

I made it to the twentieth post and the twentieth follower. YAYYYYY It makes me extremely happy to have actually been able to get people to read my works of horror, but more than that, comment and give feedback! I have been given some very kind words of compliment and advice, and this coming from … Continue reading 20th Post

Beside the Riverbed

Photo: Ganked off Google. [A reflection that could have meaning. Or then again, it may not. One never knows.] I reached into the water and felt fingers. I was only just lying by the riverbed, making ripples to interrupt my reflection. There are unknown things in the shallow depths of the river, or at least … Continue reading Beside the Riverbed