My Hand. It’s gone.

Instantly, it was gone. It was there, and then it wasn't. I mean my hand. It was just chopped off. I mean like ... just fucking chopped off. It was so clean, and quick, I didn't even go into shock right way. Or maybe I did, but I didn't know it. Either way, I didn't … Continue reading My Hand. It’s gone.


The Miracle Drug

Forced into a corner. Hunkered down, sweat pouring down his face mixed with the tears that he had shed. Completely nude, shaved, and scoured of all loose DNA. The room was clean, sterile, and disinfected and would remain so. No murder victims available. No abuse. No release. Stuart hated his name. Hated his life. Hated … Continue reading The Miracle Drug

Geocache Killer

[Spicy for swearing and murder. (probably should be in mild, but whatever) I keep seeing this Geocache Treasure Hunt thing, and I'm like "Wow that's cool but what if?..." hahah here is one what if.] She bent down and picked up the small plastic Tupperware bowl and peeled back the lid. Harriette reached in and … Continue reading Geocache Killer

The Dance of Insanity

Photo: Noam Galai [Spicy category for a little swearing. This is one of those pretentious artful pieces meant to describe the intense feeling of trying to convince yourself that you are insane and failing miserably. I was inspired by a freak out scene in a movie where someone was losing their shit, however, the woman's … Continue reading The Dance of Insanity