Ever wonder why people have the audacity to question the official narrative of a real life saga? Is it because the climax seems to be as imaginatively created as one's favourite novel? What makes some of us wonder with a mind that tends to think critically, only to find out that paranoia and the perceptions … Continue reading Suicided


Murder Me

"Murder me." He said. "Murder you?" I asked "Yes. Simple as that and the money is yours." This was the proposition presented to me as I sat across a table, haphazardly wiped with a semi-dirty wash cloth, and still smelling slightly of the bleach that was used to sanitize the bucket of water the cloth … Continue reading Murder Me

Tech In The Eyes

[Photo: Google Contact Lens] [Mild Sci-Fi story. Not quite horror. I put a murder scene in at the end to fulfill my own genre requirements for this site. Oh, who am I kidding. Someone needed to die! I am not a full blown doomsday preacher, but I am wary of something like this or as … Continue reading Tech In The Eyes

There’s Someone Under My Head

[This is a true story. From as far back as I can remember. It was my first and only real night terror, and I wouldn't wish the experience on my worst enemy. Even though it was clearly an attack perpetrated BY my worst enemy.] Shivering and waiting in the darkness. Waiting for the breathing to … Continue reading There’s Someone Under My Head

You Lose, You Get Nothing, Good Day, Sir!

[This is the conclusion behind Fear From Within; Or Is It? and Bobby, You're Projecting Again! Still somewhat mild, this one has a little more meat to it. It deals with the victim coming to terms with her own death, yet clinging to a successful last ditch effort, as is obvious from the beginning of … Continue reading You Lose, You Get Nothing, Good Day, Sir!

Bobby, You’re Projecting Again!

[Here is part two, behind Fear From Within; Or Is It? This deals with what could drive someone to do something ... crazy. Like a self absorbed spouse. There is a lot more going on in the intentions of a psychopath, however.] "DAMMIT, Bobby! Do you always have to make so much FREAKING noise when … Continue reading Bobby, You’re Projecting Again!

Fear From Within; Or Is It?

[This is the first short in a three parter. It is followed by Bobby You're Projecting Again!, and You Lose, You Get Nothing, Good Day, Sir! It is a mild story and has elements of being home alone and the fear of what may happen in such cases.] She could remember almost every detail from … Continue reading Fear From Within; Or Is It?