The Mandela Effect

"Tell me then, Mr. Grosby. How do you remember it?" Dr. Shelley asked. The question was ridiculous. The murders were in all of the papers. All of the news sites. LeakVids had gotten ahold of the footage from one of my crime scenes and posted it for the world to see in all its glory. … Continue reading The Mandela Effect


The Reflection Part II

[This is in the "Just why?" Category for gore. It is a bit long but if you liked the The Reflection, you will probably like the conclusion. I wasn't going to but Automatic Ema talked me into it. In all fairness, she didn't have to try real hard! I felt there was more to the … Continue reading The Reflection Part II

If You Embrace Darkness

Photo: Rebecca Roske Digital Art 2013 [I am putting this short in the "Just Why? category for a bit of eroticism and a pretty bloody scene towards the end. As it is a speculative work, I don't think it needs a trigger warning. I hope you enjoy the idea behind this work!] I wanted to … Continue reading If You Embrace Darkness