My Reason for Gore

JSisco here. This is a second blog I am dedicating to writing horror fiction. Why, you might ask? Because, DEATH, BLOOD, SICK, DISTURBING, ideas are going to come into fruition through this blog, and I don’t want to link it to my grandma! Certain people like my wife (No, She is not hanging in my attic) already wonder, what it is about horror that does it for me. I can never seem to answer that question without more looks of confusion. And so help me, I didn’t start this damn blog to answer that here.

I plan to write whatever the hell I feel like writing on this blog! That means gratuitous KILLING, SWEARING, BLOOD LETTING, BRAINS, SEX (yes sex too) DEPRAVITY, DEBAUCHERY, VOMIT (although, not much vomit, that shit is too fucking gross really) and other SICK, TWISTED, AND DISGUSTING THINGS. Some of you may question why I have decided to go so far with certain concepts on occasion, and other times, you may ask why I haven’t gone far enough. Sometimes I may write just pure shit that makes no sense, is pretentious, and morally wrong. Other times, I will try to write something smart, provocative, and artfully macabre. The reason is simply because I am learning how to write in the Horror Genre and I need to discover my niche, and learn to gauge my audiences reactions. So if you aren’t into that type of experimentation, I suggest skipping this blog altogether.

Before each post, I will give a quick Trigger Warning describing the type of writing you can expect in the post. This is a courtesy, not a fucking submission to crybabies. In real life, I recognize that some people have had traumatizing experiences and a small heads up on a blog peddling traumatizing experiences, is just a small token to show that I am, indeed, human capable of caring how people feel, without actually having to care about how people feel! If that makes sense? Fuck it, who gives a shit! Have fun and I hope you like my stuff. If not Fuck you!