The Miracle Drug

Forced into a corner. Hunkered down, sweat pouring down his face mixed with the tears that he had shed. Completely nude, shaved, and scoured of all loose DNA. The room was clean, sterile, and disinfected and would remain so.

No murder victims available. No abuse. No release. Stuart hated his name. Hated his life. Hated his lust. In the corner, one arm rested on his knees, pulled up to his chest. His left hand seemed to be under its own power as it searched his head for the hair that should have been there. The other clutching and relaxing on the bread knife. The perfectly clean and mocking bread knife.

Oh, what he would have done with the instrument given the chance. What he had longed to do with it since before his imagination began to picture the scenes. The bloody scenes. Painful to even think about how badly he wanted to do it. He can’t, though. It is wrong. Murder is wrong. Evil. Dark. Forbidden. Against the law. Illegal. Criminal.

The words would slam back and forth in his head, sliding across scenes of red. Dancing in the muck that had been threatening to destroy the tranquility of his life. A weird life, but a life none-the-less. He didn’t want to hurt, but he wanted to hurt. He didn’t want to go to prison, but he wanted to kill, maim, mutilate, and play. He wanted to feel, finger, smell, linger in the blood, the feces, the bile, the insides, the outsides. He wanted to wrap the hair around his appendages and pull, pump, push, gyrate and slash with his instrument.

Stuart was a good man. He had resisted. For a long time. The room is not a kill room. It is a chill the fuck out room. He would go there to stop himself from breaking out. From destroying life. He understood if he ever failed to reign in his dark desires, it would be a blaze of glory and shame. A terrible and exciting adventure that would end in his arrest and incarceration. Possibly even his electrocution. Stuart wanted none of it.

He didn’t think of himself as a psychopath, nor a sociopath. He was not narcissistic or even egotistical. He was just a man with a nasty fetish that was not something his wished for anyone else, but only for himself. Effectively ruling out its fullfillment. Stuart loved people, and had many friends. Most found him strange, but deliciously so. They believed his penchant for removing all of his body hair, including his eyelashes, to be an artistic statement. Though what they were actually seeing was the by-product of Stuart satisfying the only part of his fantasies that he legally could, without spilling over into the realm of committing felonies and homicide. Which is to say that he would go through the motions of preparing himself to go through with an act of intense human violation and assault, until he found himself shaking, sweating, crying, and curled up in the corner of his chill the fuck out room.

He understood that he was mostly a normal person with abnormal thoughts, but not a bad person, as he would never commit the acts he fantasized about. Most importantly, he was not a criminal. He would tell himself that as he picked himself up and wiped the sweat from his face and forehead with his empty hand. “I’m not a killer.”

Stuart placed the bread knife into the basin at the end of his autopsy table. He had filled the chill the fuck out room with many of the items you would find in a mortuary. Everything was brand new and had never been touched by blood or death. It was all part of his process. Play pretend, but keep it imaginary. He had never told anyone about his fantasies, and noone suspected. Why would they? Guilt is for those who have actually done something wrong. Suspician reserved for people who have something to hide. Stuart wasn’t hiding anything. He was just minding his own business.

Stuart picked up the towel next to the sink and wiped his face and chest before tossing the maroon colored towel over his shoulder, and walked out of his home autopsy room. Exiting the room, he would close the door and arm the separate secuity system that kept his darkest secret intrusion free. Once, after doing this God knows how many times, he finally admitted to himself: “Maybe I am hiding”.

After his shower, he dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt, headed to his living room with a bagel and a glass of soda for a little bit of television before heading off to work. Setting down his food, the doorbell rang. He had completely moved on from the ritual performed in his basement. A ritual he had been through more than a thousand times, since before entering puberty.

He sucked the cream cheese from his thumb and wiped it on his jeans as he turned to go answer the door.

“Hello.” He said to the man standing outside his door.

“Good afternoon! Lovely weather we’re having this afternoon. I was a little worried it was going to rain, but the sun is shining quite nicely now. Quite nicely indeed.”

The man was wearing a typical tan raincoat and matching tan fedora. He had somewhat of a large nose, but a bright smile, and brighter blue eyes. He was smiling cordially as he waited for Stuart’s agreement. Stuart looked at the man and then stepped outside letting the screen door shut behind him. He squinted and looked around.

“Yea, I thought so, too. Looks like I’ve lost my excuse not to go for a run after all.” Stuart replied, returning the man’s smile. “What can I do for you …?”

“Ken. Ken Sampling. Nice to make your acquaintance. I am actually out in the neighborhood selling my wares. Was hoping I could show you some of the very interesting products I have on offer.”

“Wow! People still go door to door?” Stuart asked. He looked amused.

“I … well … I’m not really sure. I certainly still do, but I have to admit, I don’t run into any other canvassers like I used to. No … the door to door salesman is a nearly extinct animal, I’m afraid. That’s neither here, nor there. Would you like to see what I’m vending. Might have something you need or want, wha’dya say?”

“Hm…” Stuart said, in contemplation. “You know what? Why the hell not? Let’s see what ya got. I have some time to kill. Would you like to come in?”

“Oh, that won’t be necessary. This won’t take long at all.”

Ken lifted up his matching tan briefcase and flipped a latch on one side and turned quickly and efficiently, as two fold out bars fell out. He snapped his wrists and the bars telescoped four legs and clicked, turning the briefcase into a table. He set it down, and with a flip of his thumbs, unlatched the case and opened it. Three folding display shelves revealed an array of pill bottles.

“You really are good at this aren’t you?”

“Well, not much of a braggin man myself, but I’ve been doing this quite awhile now.”

The man grinned. His smile seemed quite pleasant and genuine. This wasn’t that. This was something else. As quick as it was noticed, it was gone, and the geniuine smile was back.

“So what do we have here? I’m somewhat of a health buff. Looks like you are selling supplements of some kind!”

“Healthy and smart. You are absolutely right. Do you take any health supplements?” He asked.

“I take vitamins and occasionally fish oil, but that’s about it. Never saw the need for anything else. Most of the ones I’ve heard of are just scams anyway. Like those brain enhancers and what-not. Is that what these are?”

“Oh no, sir …?”


“No, Stuart, every thing I sell is tested, pure, and proven. Every product serves its purpose to a tee. Satisfaction gauranteed or your money back. In fact, I never take cash on the first visit.”

“You don’t?”

“Nope! I simply leave you with a product of your choosing and come back in a week. If you want more, we make a deal. If you don’t like what you got, return the bottle and the unused portion, if there is any, and I’ll tip my hat and be on my way. What do you say, would you like take a trial?”

“Hm. That seems more than fair. I imagine you wouldn’t make much money, giving away all your product if people weren’t happy enough to buy it. What kind of supplements do you have?”

“Right … absolutely! Well … ” He picks up a clear bottle with a label and a child proof cap, and holds it up. The label says, BRAIN FOOD. “This is one of those brain supplements you were mentioning earlier. The difference is, this one is actually real. In fact, this one comes with two guarantees. Satisfaction, money back and guaranteed to increase productivity in whatever field you are in,  resulting in pay increases.”

“Wow! Really?” Stuart asked, amased. “You actually guarantee pay increases? That’s bold!”

“Well … we can’t actually guarantee that your boss won’t be a cheapskate, but if pay increase is based on performance, then this is the product for you. Would you like a trial?”

Stuart thought about it. He was already pretty smart, and his intelligence has already made him fairly successful, and financially comfortable.

“You know what? I don’t think I need something like that. What else you got?”

“Wait … I know. I got something here.” He grabbed another bottle and held it up. “Not to sound insulting, but I see you are lacking in the follicle … ”

“Oh, this is my doing. I just like the smooth look.” Stuart said, and chuckled.

“I see. Well to each his own, I always say. Ah, I know.”

Ken squinted and grinned again. Stuart felt a chill creep up his spine. Ken lifted the bottom tray and pulled out another bottle. This time he cupped the bottle in his closed palm and pointed one of his fingers before continuing.

“Alright, I can tell you’re a man that has little need for much, but we all have that something, don’t we?” Ken asked. Stuart nodded, more out of curiosity than anything else. “I was going to start with the cheap stuff and work my way up, but I can see that if I continue this way, you’re just going to give up on me. Since you were kind enough to let me do my pitch, I’m going to return the favor by not wasting your time. I’m just going to come right out with the good stuff. This is my best seller and, by far, the most expensive. I don’t want to make you nervous, but this product is in high demand so it comes with a hefty price. If you’re not interested, I won’t even show it you. So my question is: Do you want to know what it is, or do I pack up and go about my business?”

‘Oh, this guy is good!’ Stuart thought. With the suspension looming, it would be a shame to let him go without at least knowing what this wonder drug even is. He could ask him to show it and research the drug on his own later. As if reading Stuart’s mind…

“I know what you’re thinking, but you won’t find this product anywhere else. I’m afraid this is a one time offer, and it is going to take a bit of trust on your part. I will say this, though. It is well worth the price. This product comes with no gaurantees. It just works. No refunds, because none are needed. I can give you a small two day sample and return on … what is today?”

“Tuesday.” Stuart answered.

“… So Thursday then. I’ll return on Thursday and sell you the rest of the bottle. That is … unless you want to buy the bottle from me now. Outright. Do you want the sample, or the whole bottle?”

“Well … I don’t know. What is it?” Stuart asked, surprised.

Ken smacked himself in the forehead lightly and snickered.

“Ha! I’m sorry, forgive me. This stuff gets me excited. I tend to get ahead of myself. Well alright then, this here is your number one focus reagent!” He held up the bottle and it read, TRANSCLARITY. “Transclarity is the most powerful supplement on the market to enhance focus. Have you ever been trying to get something done and your focus keeps drifting to something else. I don’t know … you are three days away from that holiday you are about to go on and it’s all you can think about? Or you have an hour left at work, but you can’t stop looking at the clock? Maybe you want to do something really outrageous and it is affecting your life in a way that you would just rather put an end to? This stuff right here … Stuart. Are you alright?”

Stuart’s face went completely white. The last part of the question had struck too close to home.

“I’m fine … fine. You say this stuff helps with all that?” Stuart asked. His face was as serious as a heart attack.

“Help? This stuff E – Lim – I – Nates it! Your focus will return to full transclarity within ten seconds of taking a single one drop dose that lasts up to twelve hours. That’s two drops a day from a bottle that contains almost a year’s worth of doses. I can sell you a bottle now and ship you another bottle once I have recieved payment. Plus shipping and handling of course.”

“I’ll take it. The bottle. How much is it?” Stuart was excited.

“Tell you what, I like you. I’m going to give you a new customer discount, but I’m afraid that it isn’t going to dull the sting that much.”

“How much?”

“I’ll give you the first bottle for forty-five dollars. Forty nine ninety nine for every bottle after …”

“I’ll take it. Wait right here.” Stuart retreated into his house, and returned with a hundred dollar bill. “Can you make change?”

“I … oh, I’m sorry. I can’t …”

“That’s alright. here, keep it.” Stuart thrust the bill forward.

“You know what? I’ll put this towards the next bottle.” He took the bill and handed him the bottle.

Ken reached into his pocket pulled out a card, and handed it to him. It said, TRANSCLARITY Ken Sampling Sales Representative.

“This whole pitch …?” Stuart asked.

“Hey, I’m a salesman! I will tell you this, though. That stuff works! You’ll see. Take some now. Go ahead.”

Ken did. He opened the child proof cap and used the attached dropper to administer one drop to his tongue. It was sweet but with a slight bitter after taste. Not unlike a vitamin.

“Good!” Ken said. “Now think of something you normally crave. It takes a second to kick in, but think of something that you normally … I don’t know … obsess over. You will notice that it doesn’t seem as important to you anymore.”

Stuart smiled. Ken was right. He imagined shoving his fist into Ken’s bare belly and squishing his intestines between his fingers. Normally, just the idea would cause his eyes to roll back in his head from the pleasure it invoked. Now, the idea just seemed about as important as the need to go back and finish eating his cream cheese bagel.

“Take another drop and the thought won’t even bother you. I wouldn’t recommend that, though. You will run out quicker and have to get more, sooner. Fivty bucks is a lot of money.” Ken said matter-of-factly.

“I can manage a hundred a year, I think.” Stuart said laughing.

“I imagine you could, Stuart. Well alright then. I’d best be off. Gotta cover the rest of this block before lunch. The Mrs. is picking me up, and I just happen to be able to treat her to a an extra special meal thanks to my new friend.”

“I’m glad you consider me a friend already.” Stuart said, smiling.

“Not you! I was talking about Benji, here!” He said, and waved the hundred dollar bill with the portrait of Benjamin Franklyn on the side and laughing.

After the joke wore off, Ken quickly shut the case, and folded up the legs. Once he was holding the case by his side again, he pointed at the card.

“On that card is my address. Send the payment directly to me and I’ll have Transclarity ship out a new bottle within three business days, so make sure you order it a good week before you run out. You have a great day, Stuart. It was a pleasure doing business with you!”

“Thank you! Same to you!” Stuart replied.


A week went by and Stuart couldn’t have been happier with the results of the drug. He hadn’t been down to the basement since the morning that Ken had arrived and sold him the miracle in a bottle. To him, that’s what it was. A miracle. At the age of thirty-three, he had been harboring this un-satisfiable distraction in his life and the only partial release he had was spending time in his chill the fuck out room, and now he had not stepped foot in it for days.

That wasn’t all. He now had a fresh crop of stubble creating a hairline on his head, and had begun suffering an itchiness in his nether region, that signaled and end to days of slathering hair removal cream over his entire body, tolerating excruciating burning and rashes, and the painful plucking of his eyelashes.

Three months, and a full head of short, neatly trimmed, brown hair after fifteen years, Stuart decided to clear out his chill the fuck out room and turn it into a home theatre. He was going to throw a party when it was finished. He hadn’t invited people over since he had moved in, so he wouldn’t have to explain what was in the basement.

Things at work changed as well. Most of his friends were co-workers. They were always nice to him, but that wasn’t surprising. After all, he was a nice guy. Friendly, warm, and outgoing. There wasn’t anything to dislike really, except, that is, for the creepy appearance of a smooth chrome dome, and the absence of eyebrows and eyelashes. Not to mention, the smoothness of his arms whenever he got too warm and needed to roll the sleeves up on his usual white or blue button ups.

At first he didn’t notice it, but when Chad came up to him in the office one day, he told him something that would change his outlook on his new life.

“Man, Karen, has been eyeing you for the last three weeks. I know what you did! You are so slick. I wish I had thought of it!” Chad had said.

“Thought of what?” Stuart asked, genuinely curious.

“Oh don’t give me that. You and your weird creepy as no hair thing!”

“What are you talking about?” Stuart said laughing.

This didn’t bother him, as Chad and Brian had been giving him crap about it for years.

“You are a con man, dude! Playing the long game. Be creepy looking and get everyone to like you. Then grow all the hair back and make all the chicks lose their minds over you, so you can pick em off one by one. Brilliant!” Chad said, pointing a finger gun at all the women that worked on their floor.

Stuart found this funny, but it made him think. He had only been a few relationships. All with women that found his look appealing because they assumed he was making some sort of artistic gesture. These relationships rarely lasted longer than a few weeks due to their claims of being non-superficial yet never understanding anything beneath the surface of what little he would be willing to reveal to them. He usually found this ironic and ended up breaking any ties before real feelings could develop.

That layered with the fact that he would soon find himself fantasizing about tearing his lovers from limb to limb and reveling in the mess he would make. It was uncomfortable for him to spend time with these women, while increasing trips to the chill the fuck out room.

Most of his friends had begun to assume that he was a closet homosexual. Stuart was a likable guy, and in this day and age, who were they to judge. If they had known the truth, however, Stuart’s life would look much different, so he never addressed what he knew people must think of his appearance.

Now, though, Stuart had begun to normalise his appearance which gave people a sense that it was now okay to call him out on the way he used to look, and none were as vocal as Chad.

“So now that you have let your hair grow back, are you gonna show us that you let your balls grow back?” Chad chided.

“What?” Stuart asked.

“Ask … her … out!”

“Fine! I will. Will that make you happy!”

“No! It won’t. Because I was going to! But whatever … bros before hoes, right?”

“You’re an idiot!” Stuart answered.

“You are calling me an idiot, yet you are the one who hasn’t noticed the hottest woman in this building is clearly interested in you?!” Chad asked, indignantly. “If you don’t go and ask her out right this minute, I’m calling in all your debts!”

“What the hell are you talking about? What debts?”

“Oh wow! Five months worth of you coming over and eating all my food and drinking all my beer?”

“HA! Right. Okay, fine! Right now?”

“Right now.”

“Okay, fine.”

“Fine. Go.”

“Right now?”


“Alright! Jeez.”

Stuart played it up with Chad, but the truth was, he wasn’t nervous at all. He was an outgoing person, and intelligent. He knew how to talk to people and could be quite charming when he needed to be. He turned his back to Chad and scanned the office floor to locate Karen. He found her chatting with Sofia near the water dispenser. He turned back to Chad.

“Just so we are clear here; you never had a chance, anyway.”

Stuart turned and walked through the office and made his way over to the water cooler. He saw Sofia notice him and then look at her shoes, say something, and then dramatically turn and walk away briskly. Stuart thought, ‘Wow, maybe Chad’s right. First time for everything.’ Karen turned to Stuart.

“Stuart. Hi, how’re things going with the Plastio job?”

“Yeah, good! Thanks for asking. What about yourself?” He responded.

“I don’t work on the Plastio account. Did you want some water?”

“Oh, right. I know, I just meant life in general. And no thanks. I actually came over here to ask you if wanted to go on a date with me?”

“Right to it, then! Wow. How do you know I don’t already have a boyfriend that might object to me going on dates with men I work with?” Karen said smiling.

That smile made Stuarts stomach perform a swan dive into the pit of his abdomen. He had seen it before, but there was something more to it now. She wore deep red lipstick and her dark, almost black straight hair framed her pale pure complexion in a bob that made her Carribean blue eyes appear bright and inviting. Even more important, looking at her in this way didn’t cause him to imagine jamming something in them and watching them pop out of their sockets into the palm of his hand like a pair of Chinese Baoding balls. After catching himself, he replied.

“Two reasons actually. One: Chad is stalking you. And two: My lunch break is almost over.”

Sofia chuckled from behind her cubicle wall and said just loud enough, “I told you!”

“Pshh you!” Karen said, laughing towards Sofia. “Well, Chad is basically harmless, but at least he gave you good info. I am free to go out with you. How’s Friday after work for you?”

“Friday will work. We can go into the city for dinner and perhaps drinks after?” Stuart asked.


Three years later Karen and Stuart had been married for a year, and were expecting their first child. Life was good, and the only reminder of Stuart’s past fetish was the small brown bottle he recieved in the mail once year. He kept it in the medicine cabinet next to his Once-A-Day vitamins and his fish-oil. Karen never asked what it was for, but was able to discern that it was a focus enhancer supplement. Not something to grill him over, so it was a non-issue. That is, until she knocked it off its shelf where the small glass bottle shattered in the sink, spilling its contents down the drain.

As she had gone on maternal leave, Karen was home alone when this happened, and Stuart was at work. Feeling bad, she drove to a local health goods store with the remnants of the label. After the clerk had informed her that he had never heard of the product, she tried the only other place she knew of locally, and was met with the same. Upon returning home, she found the product on the companies website. She ordered a new bottle, but not knowing how important the elixer was to Stuart, she didn’t see the need to pay the extra money for the express three day shipping, and instead, ticked the free shipping option that promised the delivery in two weeks.

That evening when Stuart returned home, Karen had forgotten about it until after they had their evening meal, and it was time for their nightly bed preparation rituals. Shit, shower, brush teeth, TV and sleep. Nookie got thrown in there every so often, but the happy couple had found a common groove and celebrated it daily. Things were about to change.

“Honey, have you seen my bottle of Transclarity?” Stuart asked.

“Ah, right. About that. I broke it, but don’t worry. I went to the site, and ordered you another bottle.”

Stuart felt his stomach drop and his face began to itch.

“I usually order it direct from the rep. It gets here in two to three days. Did you get the express shipping at least?” Worry was in his voice.

“No, I got the free shipping. Should take two weeks. Why? Is something wrong?”

“Uh … no … nothing. It’s just I don’t know what the effects of not having it in my system are going to have.” He lied. He had a pretty damn good idea what the effects would be.

“I’m sorry, hon. I can cancel the order and re-order it express if you want.”

“Um … no. Don’t worry about it. I can deal with the wait. It’s not a big deal.”

Karen sensed that it actually was a big deal. After being with him for a few years, she knew what he looked like when he was stressing. Yet, she didn’t really know at all. Stuart tried his best to put it out of his mind, and was mostly successful. He relied on the fact that he still had some of the product in his system, but worried about what would happen when it was gone. Now, worry is not the same as panic. He had fought off his feelings for many years and never took any opportunities to realize his fantasies.

When Stuart began to have these fantasies, he had heard how some people, like serial killers, would kill and mutilate small animals, rodents, and insects. He would have nothing to do with that. Having sick thoughts, was separate from how he actually felt about living creatures. He respected life, loved living, and living creatures. He would not harm a living creature no matter how much he wanted to. So he resolved to fight the feelings like he had done for so many years before.

If he had thought it was difficult before, it was only worse now. After three days of not having the Transclarity, the desire to mutilate, dismember, kill, and devastate came back like a crazy uncle that the family ostracised and disavowed comes back when grampa dies, for the reading of the will, and makes a big stink over his cut or lack there of.

What was even worse than that, was the fact that Karen and her unborn child was home waiting for him after work each day. She was so beautiful. It’s true what they say about women with child. They have a glow, a certain extra beauty that attaches to them. Scientifically, it is said to have something to do with hormone levels. Others say that it has to do with the happiness of the exciting addition to the family. Whatever the truth of it, it was horrifying for Stuart.

He would play out scenes in his mind, while she was sitting next to him. He would turn and look at her and she would look back at him. Her love was undeniable in her face as she would smile and put her hands on him to convey her warmth to him. Yet all he could see was her face streaming blood from head and face wounds inflicted by a large bread knife. Slow and oozing. He would close his eyes and lean in for a kiss, masking his thoughts and projecting love. Inside, he was terrified constantly.

By day five he was contemplating building another chill the fuck out room. It was getting bad. No. It was getting downright upsetting. It was threatening to break out in lunacy. In their new house, there was a basement, but no extra rooms beside the main storage area and small section for their laundry. Stuart made the excuse of wanting Karen to work less, and offered to do all the laundry so he could stay in the basement. Then the fight happened.

“Stuart, I … I’m sorry, but I need something.” She called down the stairs.

“Yea, what do you need, Hon?”

“I need you to come up here and be with me!”

“Alright, Sweetie. I’ll be up in a minute.”

Stuart set to trying to clear his mind. It was no good, he had been having a rough day as it was, and had been letting his mind run wild. But now she was descending the stairs, one hand on the rail for balance and the other holding the bottom of her belly, while leaning back to keep herself from falling forward due to the weight of her growing baby.

“I said I’ll be up in a minute!” He nearly shouted.

Unable to contain her hormonally imbalanced emotions, she responded.

“You know, when you said you wanted to help with the laundry, I didn’t know you were doing it to escape me. I know I am getting fat and ugly, but gimme a break here!” She was entering full-on sobbing.

Not halting her descent, but instead quickening her pace, she became a bloody caricature in Stuarts vision, and not having his supplement to suppress his desires, he snapped. He flew at her and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down the stairs the rest of the way. Karen began screaming almost instantly. Almost. It took a second for her to get over the initial shock and inhale enough wind to commit to her complete breakdown of reality. The gentle, loving, caring man she had married had been abducted by body snatchers and replaced with a brutal monster.

Dragging her to the center of the room, he pounded on her face until she went limp and stopped screaming. Her face a bloody mess resembling nothing of the beautiful woman she was just moments earlier. Stuart lost his grip on reality, anchored by his love of life and his wonderful wife, and began to strip off his clothes. This was it, if he was finally going to succumb to the very thing he had been fighting nearly his entire life, he was going all the way. Barely registering that he had already passed the point of no return, he set to work on his lovely wife and unborn child, which he would discover the gender of after promising Karen they would wait till she was born.

After hours of reveling in the very depths of his perverse fantasies made real, a ray of conscience found its way to the center of his brain and slammed the emergency stop button. It was as if the house lights had come up in a darkened theatre, and a voice telling the audience that unforseen circumstances have caused the show to be cancelled mid production and that full refunds would be handed out at the door on their way out. Only, there would be no refunds for this performance.

Knowing that he had, in essence, just ended his life and the life of the only woman he ever loved and their child, Stuart stood up and walked over to the laundry. He picked up a powder blue towel, Karen’s favorite color, and wiped his face.  Staring blankly off into the oblivion that was residing in front of his gaze, he slung the towel over his shoulder and looked back at what he had done. There was nothing left that even resembled a human being. It was like remembering what a jigsaw puzzle pictured after it has been wildly disassembled by an unruly toddler.

He turned away in shame and went up stairs to the living room and sat on the couch. The evening news was on and some blonde female news anchor was delivering a report.

“In business, a health food company is coming under fire for false advertisement. Since the Food and Drug Administration have not approved Transclarity’s effectiveness as a focus enhancing supplement, they cannot be sued for falsely stating the drugs effects, however, a competitor has taken the company to court claiming proprietary theft. BUNNY FORCE CHILDREN’S CHEWABLES is claiming TRANSCLARITY has stolen their formula and is marketing it as their own. Sky Thomas is at Our Health’s headquarters, the BUNNY FORCE parent corporation, taking a statement from Todd Haris. The corporation’s CFO.”

A man standing in front of a building speaking into multiple microphones with different news channel call letters is speaking.

It has come to our attention, through our labs, that testing shows Transclarity contains not only all of the same ingredients as our children’s vitamin, but the exact formula. They are shamelessly marketing our product as a focus enhancing supplement, with their label. Not only is this blatant theft of our propietary patented property, but they are selling consumers a lie. Telling them that it enhances focus and increases mental performance when it is nothing more than a children’s daily chewable vitamin in liquid form. I have ….”

The words blurred into nonsence after what he had heard. Stuart had been using a supplement that only provided a placebo effect. Trusting in a fraudulent product to keep from committing the most heinous of acts. An act that has now, after years of fighting and resisting, has finally caught up to him. Stuart picked up the phone and dialed emergency.

“Emergency services. State the nature of your emergency please.” The nature … of … your …




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  1. Is it wrong I was sitting reading, excitedly anticipating the ending?
    I have to admit, I’d have loved a bit more grotesque detail, but I suppose all that stuff is in the ‘Just Why?’ or ‘Disgusting’ categories.
    Still had a great time following Stuart around though.

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    1. Hahaha thanks, Automatic Ema. Admittedly, I’ve been pretty lame lately. Holding back ideas for my writing classes, but soon my creative writing major will be completed, and I can let loose in here. I’ll tell you this though, I had envisioned an over the top end for that last scene, but I had a nervous feeling (probably unwaranted) that it would have detracted from the realisation that Stuart came to before turning himself in. Thanks for commenting. Perhaps this weekend, I will let loose on this disturbingly messy idea I’ve been having. I’ll look forward to reading your comments!


      1. Skipping over the gore does make it seem like Stuart didn’t have much consciousness of what he was doing so I get that. It does make sense when you put it like that.

        Ooh, yes, I’ll definitely be stalking you now. It’s good to see you uploading stuff again. And it’s really cool you’re doing a creative writing major – I wish you all the best for it.

        Liked by 1 person

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