Tech In The Eyes

[Photo: Google Contact Lens]

[Mild Sci-Fi story. Not quite horror. I put a murder scene in at the end to fulfill my own genre requirements for this site. Oh, who am I kidding. Someone needed to die! I am not a full blown doomsday preacher, but I am wary of something like this or as equally sinister and nefarious actually happening. If we can think it, it can happen. Just remember, it wasn’t that long ago we were ohhhing and ahhhhing when Cpt. Kirk would flip out his communicator to talk to Bones back on the Enterprise. Just sayin]

When the worlds biggest technology company announced that they had patented the very first Smart Eye, everything changed. Not over night, and it wouldn’t become apparent to most, but one thing was for certain; everyone wanted one.

At first, only the wealthiest people could get one. It was the next new thing and it came with a hefty price, as was normal for any and all of the latest gadgets and technology. It was seen as a status symbol; a badge of position. Being in the know without having to lift a device from inside a pocket or handbag. Having “one thought” access to information, rather than the archaic “one touch”.

Once sales started to dwindle, the true potential of the technology could be advanced. From its inception, it was never meant to be just a toy for those that could afford it. Even its usefulness to the implanted consumer was limited. Only certain individuals with positions in the highest orders of society were ever allowed to benefit from the technology’s true potential, and they were unlikely to share the wealth of knowledge with just anyone. Therefore, the software needed to be–as they say in gaming–Nerfed.

Developers lowered the standards of the devices to accomplish just a taste more than what the top of the line, state of the art smartphones could do, relying on the simple fact that the device was implanted on the user, effectively making them cyborgs. Then lowering the quality of the materials used to manufacture the device so it would need constant maintenance, but be sturdy enough to keep functioning at its core capacity. In other words: They made it crappy enough to need fixing, but not so bad that it would need replacing.

Then they lowered the price to that of a regular mobile phone and marketed it in the same manner. Earlier versions of the mass consumer device would link up to the smart phone, you already owned, via Blue Tooth, costing only the price of the device and the medical procedure to implant it. For the low price of just under a thousand dollars, you could become a cyborg. People went hysterical over the tech and it was purchased by billions all over the world.

Soon, anyone with an average income could have one. However, this was when the problems began to surface. The wealthier people with implants never worried about the quality of devices they had been sold, because they were made of top notch materials, and implanted by experts in elective medicine. There was only the rare instance when a malfunction or infection due to an allergic reaction, the body rejecting the device outright, that a person needed to revisit the clinic that performed the installation for a fix.

Many of the consumers of the cheaper, poorly made versions of the product were not so lucky. Some people lost their eyes or the very least, their vision. A class action suit was filed against the company and billions of dollars had to be paid in a large settlement. Justice had been served, and as a result, the company that created the device nearly went bankrupt. However, it was all a big scam. No one saw what came next. Well, some did, but they were considered conspiracy theorist nut cases.

To “save” the company, they sold the company and the tech to the government, and allowed them to re-regulate the device back to a more qualitative state. Everyone that had purchased the cheaper shoddier device were invited to have it replaced at no charge. This seemed to make everybody happy. Those that had experienced a negative consequence from the device were reimbursed in the settlement, and then received a replacement. It was a win win. But how did they do it? How was the government able to pay for this? That will be revealed later.

Once the government had control over the device and the company that made them. They became solely responsible for producing the device, and, seeing the tech for what it was, began making laws surrounding how it would be used. First, they began offering it to welfare recipients, with the agreement that they would allow themselves to be monitored periodically. The poor agreed readily enough. They would get their welfare, and get to be cyborgs, AND enjoy the perks of having a Smart Eye.

Then they began implanting them into prisoners, and monitoring everything they did. The prisoner versions had limited benefits to the prisoners, but benefits none the less. They could allow prisoners access to the web and program each inmates tailored experience. For instance, they would have access to an electronic library of per-approved literature and education. They would also be allowed to write and receive emails to certain individuals. All by just accessing the software in their eye.

Soon, almost everyone on the planet had one, except for those who simply didn’t want or need one. Then came the final phase of the plan. The plan that finally and completely cemented Big Brother as the see all, tell all, protector of the innocent and justice warrior against all crime. Legislation was enacted with a near unanimous vote in congress when the technology went from being mind controlled voluntarily to mind controlled involuntarily. In fact the legislation passed even before the tech advancement had been announced.

Detailed in the act was the collection of meta-data on all users that would be stored in the cloud and only accessed if and when needed. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Also, if a wrong doing was either being planned or contemplated, the Smart eye device would record extra information such as gps location, identification, and the smart camera would record everything a person did from that point on, beginning with the thought of the crime until its completion. At which point teams of law enforcement would be waiting and ready, only moving when the crime was initiated. They had already diverted taxpayer money to pay for the acquisition of the tech company and replacement program, and as another law, enacted another federal tax and categorized it as law enforcement.

The act passed and was immediately put into practice. At first there were many protests, but those soon died away, as law enforcement could use the meta data to find out exactly who and how many people were planning protests. They would either make these, people offers they couldn’t refuse, or discredit them altogether, but the worst part about it was … they were on to them before they could even get organized.

Criminals were caught and prosecuted even before the victim of a crime could be targeted. It was almost like in the movie Minority Report, but there was no need for some supernatural fortune teller in a bathtub to tell of a future crime. People told of their own crimes well before they even decided whether to commit the crime or not. And if they decided not to commit, well … no harm, no foul.

So the question might be asked by some, what’s the big deal? And this is the question I came back to answer. Guess what happens as a result to this awesome piece of technology? Here is what you can expect to happen within the next thirty years, unless these people are stopped. You see it isn’t just the technology. It isn’t just the elite; or even the government. Its everyone, everywhere.

People began thinking that the problems caused by governments mismanaging the people and their value, from their economical to social value, was to be fixed by empowering the same governments to grow bigger and better, instead of firing the old corrupt bastards and hiring new passionate visionaries. They allowed themselves to be kissed on the forehead and assured that everything was going to be alright.

And when the smart eye began watching everyone all the time, listening to our very thoughts, and video recording our every action, and listening to our every conversation, reading our every written word, people became afraid. Afraid to think, afraid to learn, afraid to succeed, afraid to fail, afraid to create, afraid to destroy, and most of all they became afraid to live.

The world I come from is a sorry place to be now, I’m afraid. People don’t love anymore, they don’t hate, they don’t sing, dance, or play. They are stale entities living on an earth that is still succumbing to the very cycles of nature that man accused himself of being the cause of, but forgot that they themselves ARE a part of that cycle. A cycle with a beginning and an end, and they forget that every new ending is the start of a new beginning. They have mixed mixed all the races, through science, and have begin phasing out ethnic diversity, by creating a master race. But instead of choosing one race from the many they have genetically taken the best traits of all races and combined them. The first generation of this new race has been born and as children are being raised in a sterile environment.

I have been given an opportunity to come back and warn people. We must stop it now, before it is too late. I have reason to believe that the first generation of this new master race, upon reaching maturity, will be loosed on the rest of the human population in order to wipe us out completely. Humanity will be nothing more than lifeless thoughtless drones, and here’s the kicker. They are being ruled by a small elite class of power hungry royal families, all from the same blood line, on the brink of achieving their ultimate goal. A plan that has been in the making for centuries, and has long been patiently engineered and executed.

Once they have been successful, they will turn their focus on achieving immortality, and eventually Godhood. I personally don’t care about all that, but I have personally witnessed the entirety of my family and friends lose their lust for life, closely followed by their imagination, and finally their hope.

Oh, please! You must help us; help yourselves. You have never seen the light truly go out of someone’s life until you have seen them lose hope for the ability to hope. They are dead. Living, breathing, pissing shitting dead! So … will you? Will you at least think about what I have said? If you have found this, and are finished reading it, you have two options. Either go and start a revolution, while a revolution is still something that can work. Or you can burn this book and serve your elitist masters. I pray you chose the former. Godspeed past and future reader.

Frederick rolled up the ancient scroll carefully so as not to cause any unnecessary damage with his white cotton gloved hands. The scroll had been found by his colleague underground in a cave in Ireland. The scroll was in the possession of a skeleton of a man who was accompanied by the skeleton of a child.

“Well? What do you think? Is it legit or just a really really well constructed hoax?” Albert asked him.

“Its hard to say, Al. What do you think?”

“I think we need to go out and organize a revolution, but that’s just me?”

“That’s pretty much what I thought you’d say.” Frederick said.

Then he pulled out a suppressed pistol from the inside of his coat and put two bullets in Albert’s forehead, and re-holstered his gun. Frederick tossed the old scroll into the metal trash can next to Albert’s desk and dumped a well of Indian ink on it to fuel the flames of the match he tossed in the trash. He watched the book burn to ashes and then went around the rest of Albert’s library starting small strategic fire’s. The whole place was sure to go up, leaving behind no traces of the book or its discoverer.

Frederick smiled. His uncle Hank was going to love this. He tapped his finger on his temple and spoke the words, “Call Kissinger.” Moments later…”Yea, it was legit. I took care of it. Guess what? We end up winning. In about thirty years. Uh huh. Yea, me too. See ya this evening.”

The line went dead. His uncle remarked how happy he was and his only sadness was the fact that he wouldn’t get to see it.


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