The Barn

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savannah gothic

Her fingers were sticky when she woke up.  There was a throb, throb, throbbing coming from the inside of her skull and trying to make its way out.  Something important had happened.  Something she needed to remember.

She rubbed at her temples and inched her body up from the bare dirt floor.  She was in a barn.  The horses were backing away from her and baring their teeth.  Neighing and rearing up against the back of their stalls.

The coppery smell kept distracting her.  It was distinctive even through the hay and horse manure.  Each vertebrae in her back cracked individually.  What had been done to her?

She put her weight on her arms to get up and her right arm collapsed.  Totally useless, and it felt as if it had been snapped in two like a twig.  Stella braced with the opposite arm and got herself to her feet.

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