Cyber War

Had to reblog this from my other WP. It is something that is important to me and fits in over here as well. I hope you all enjoy it! (Or are disturbed by it!)

Use Your Words

[This story is not what you think. It is not about nations fighting wars over the intertubes, but rather a short story about the new face of bullying, and the battles that kids get embroiled in when they go into their rooms and lock their doors. PARENTS: Watch your babies. This could happen to them. I made up a fictitious scenario that was a bit over the top, but these types of wars are waged over FAR FAR less, and the result is the same. This is happening way too much and something needs to be done about it. The best advice is this: Always know what your babies are doing on the web, no matter how much they moan about privacy. You could be saving their life!]

When Jason’s dad picked him up from the front of the school, he looked distressed. His suit jacket had been carelessly tossed…

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