[This story is in the Disgusting category because I felt disgusting writing it. I still haven’t let loose with too much graphic imagery, as I’m just not quite there yet.  However, this work contains quite a few tropes you will find within the Horror Genre. Trigger warning: Incest innuendo. Rape innuendo. Torture innuendo.]

Parents all around the world wait for the day that their children will graduate from school. Xavier and Sandra are two such proud parents. They are in their bedroom getting ready for the big moment. It seemed like it would never come. Grayson was a late bloomer, and his ambitions took time to nurture. Which is why they home schooled him. Sandra understood that talent was only the beginning of any art form or craft, but not necessary. The proper honing of the appropriate skills was what mattered.

Grayson had no talent. No, that wasn’t exactly true. He was kind. Yes, kindness is a talent, isn’t it? It will be useful when he starts life on his own. Although, there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay home with dear old Mom and Dad! Sandra had often thought how wonderful it would be if Grayson would stay with them and help run the family business. Not Xavier, though. He wanted his son to be his own man. He wanted him to go out into the world and make his own way; make his old man proud.

Either way, both agreed that they would let Grayson decide for himself, what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. It was important that they had taught him the family business. Very important, indeed. Something may happen to either of them or both, and Grayson would have to take on the responsibility as partner, or even go it alone, if only to continue the Daggett legacy. Generations had been spent building it, and the scepter would now fall to him. Today was his coronation day; his graduation day.

“MOM, DAD! I’M READY! YOU CAN COME DOWN NOW!” Grayson called from the bottom of the curved, modern staircase.

The staircase was white with steps attached to a single center beam that Teed off to the left and to the right at the top, leading to two halls on the second floor. The balcony, walls, ceilings– everything–was white with latex gloss paint (easy for cleaning) and lined with stainless steel railings, trim, and banisters.

“Oh, my baby’s ready! He’s ready! And you, my love, look so handsome I could eat you up!” Sandra moved in and kissed Xavier passionately.

He submitted to the kiss momentarily before grabbing her by the arms and holding her at bay, while she looked at him with wild lust.

“Not now, my Dear! It’s our son’s big day. We wouldn’t want to keep him waiting now, would we?”

“No! You’re right. It’s just …” She thrust her body against his and squirmed before backing away again. “You are turning me on in that suit. It’s the one you wore on your own graduation, and it still smells like the day.”

“Yes, which reminds me. GRAYSON?” He raised his voice.






Sandra inhaled indignantly and playfully slapped his chest, and faux pouted.

“You big liar! If you didn’t look so good right now, I’d kick your ass!” She told him.

“There will be plenty of time for that later, my Dear. Come on let’s finish up.”

Both were wearing white. He in a pure white suit with a crimson tie, and she in a slinky short skirted evening dress with a plunging neckline. Both outfits were clean and pressed, but had a couple of old stubborn stains, that would not disappear. They would have chosen something different, but it was important to them that they wear the clothes they had worn on their own graduation day.

Xavier had light chestnut brown hair, that appeared more of a walnut color due to having it slicked back and gelled. He had chiseled clean shaven good looks and hazel eyes under trimmed eyebrows, and looked distinguished in his suit. It fit him just a bit tighter than it had the last time he wore it, but only because he was now much more physically fit. Sandra, on the other hand, was stunning in her evening gown, that revealed the inside curvature of her breasts. Her hair was celebrity styled blonde, and she had blue eyes, crimson colored lips, and looked like she belonged on the silver screen or walking a red carpet. They were both in their late thirties, pushing forty, yet neither looked a day over twenty five.

Xavier straightened his tie in the mirror, as Sandra went to her vanity to refresh her lipstick after smearing it on her husbands mouth. Realizing this, she returned to him with a wet wipe and lovingly helped him remove it. Satisfied that they were now ready, they turned to go.

“Shall we?” Xavier asked, raising an elbow.

“We shall.” Sandra replied, linking her arm in his.

They went to the stairs and began to descend. As they were coming down, Gabriella turned the corner from the parlor, that was prepared for the makeshift home graduation ceremony. Gabriella was Grayson’s fiance. They were the same age, and this was her graduation day as well, although, her parents had already celebrated their day with her two weeks prior, when she had her commencement from Webster High.

“You are not going to believe how good he looks! I’m so excited. I can hardly contain myself. Grayson is ready. He’s just waiting on you guys. I’ll go and let him know you’re on your way!” Gabriella looked like a slightly taller, slightly younger version of Sandra. Star status gorgeousness with salon styled blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and deep red lipstick. Sandra didn’t like the color of course, it needed to be darker, but she was very pleased with Gabriella. After all, it was she who had found her and chosen her for her boy. As was the tradition. Gabriella had chosen for herself a white strapless dinner dress with pleated skirt that ended just above the knee. Her small frame was entering into its final phase of maturity, and her curves were girlish, bordering on womanly.

Sandra, herself, had been chosen by Abigail Daggett when she was just a child. She had been selected, taught, and trained to be a Daggett from the moment her family had met them, a hideously wealthy family, with mysterious money. She had been frightened at the prospect of becoming part of the Daggett family, but in time she had grown to love the Daggetts and their ways, just as Abigail had before her, and Gabriella had after.

They turned the corner to the parlor and Sandra’s eyes went wide. She gasped and clapped her hands over her mouth. Xavier put his arm around her and stared in awe. Grayson looked shocked at their reaction and tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come right away. When they did:

“Mom? Dad? What’s wrong?” He asked, nervously. Gabrielle looked concerned.

Sandra looked around the room, momentarily unable to speak, herself. Finally, her eyes locked with her son’s and her she was quivering as if the room had suddenly gone cold.

“Wrong? WRONG?” Sandra paused.

Grayson began to tear up.

“Now Sweetheart…” Xavier began.

“NO! Let me say this!” She said to her husband coldly and turned back to face her son. “Absolutely nothing! You look so … so beautiful. It’s even better than I could have ever imagined.”

She took a step forward and something crinkled under her feet. Her words took their time sinking in, but when they did, Grayson smiled. Then his smile turned to a grin, and Xavier beamed with pride, even tearing up a bit himself. Gabriella clapped her hands together and put them to her lips and hopped twice out of excitement.Grayson was wearing the same style of tailored white suit as Xavier. His hair was also styled the same. The similarities between their appearance was striking. Especially, when Xavier thought back to his own graduation day.

The only one who didn’t seem to be enjoying the moment, was the big mouth bully bitch who thought she was too good for the world. She wasn’t enjoying herself much at all, as she was trying to scream through the linen that was stuffed into her mouth and scotch taped. She was nude and the hair on her head and body had been razor shaved and chemically burned off. Then she had been scrubbed from head to toe with Scotch Brite pads, to remove any loose DNA, causing her pale skin to appear pinkish. She was a dainty girl with a petite figure and small budding, but perky breasts. She was perfectly clean from head to toe, and only able to shed very few tears. This had been all Gabriella’s doing, and Sandra couldn’t be prouder of her, as well.

She walked over the clear polyethylene plastic that covered the high shine waxed hardwood floor, to where Gabriella was standing. She looked at her and opened her arms.

“Congratulations, Gabby. You are now one of us. The wedding will be held next month. I love you, welcome to the family.”

Gabriella burst into tears and fell into Sandra’s arms. They held each other while Gabriella sobbed her gratitude. After a moment, she stood back and looked over to her son. Turning, she walked to him and placed her hand on his cheek and thumbed away one of his tears. She mouthed the words I’m so proud of you. and kissed him on the mouth, resisting the urge to insert her tongue. This was not the time for that.

Then she turned to Deanne, the filthy slutty tease from three blocks over. The daughter of Grahame Nelson, CEO of Diamond Mining Inc. He would get his soon enough, but today, his daughter would serve her son’s graduation, and she couldn’t be more pleased with his choice. She hadn’t expected him to select her for his first lone project to serve as his final exam, but she found his audacity absolutely delicious, and would congratulate him properly, after the party. In the meantime, disgust and contempt creased her face, turning her starlet beauty grotesque and seething.

“I hope my boy had his way with you before his sweet Gabriella cleaned the short lifetime of slime from your treacherous body. Did he? Did he give it to you real good, love?” She looked at Grayson, and he nodded. “Oh you did? Good. Extra marks for that!”

“Xavier? Are you ready for the inspection?” Sandra asked, without looking at her husband.

“Y..yes, Sandra. Coming.”

Blood lust had crept into Xavier, but this was his son’s graduation, therefore, his kill. It was his duty to look Deanne over, and “Grade” Gabriella’s performance. He slowly walked across the plastic, while slipping on a pair of latex medical examiner’s gloves. He stood before Deanne and she began struggling a bit. She couldn’t move as her legs had been spread and her feet nailed to a wooden palette. Her wrists were Scotch taped together and her elbows broken, so that any attempt to move her arms would cause extreme amounts of pain. Gabriella had done well. Sandra had never thought to do anything like that.

Xavier lifted one of the girl’s arms, which invoked a fresh bout of muffled screams that were only slightly heard through her nostrils. Xavier looked at Gabriella with reverence.

“Excellent work on the arms, Gabriella!”

“Thank you, Sir!” She nearly squealed with delight.

“Please, call me Dad!”

“Thank you … Dad!” Gabriella was holding back sheer hysterical joy, not wanting to ruin the moment.

Xavier continued his examination, never failing to use all of his five senses. He bent down and placed his head next to the girls groin and inhaled deeply, and exhaled. He then stepped around Deane’s rear and repeated the process. He then took the girl by the buttocks and thumbed her open. Deane whimpered, as he inhaled once more and released her.

“A touch of urine in the front, but the rear is perfectly clean. Overall, excellent job, Gabriella.”

“Thank you, Sir …um Dad. I gave her just a tiny bit of water to enhance the tears, but forgot that it might cause her to pee. I’ll take care of that later.”

Xavier nodded his approval and then addressed his son.

“Grayson, you have made me the proudest of any of the other Daggett patriarchs before me. So far, your performance has out shined even my father’s. Now, for the finale.” Motioning to Sandra to have a seat.”My Dear, if you will.”

“Of course, now for the fun part!” She said, allowing Xavier to guide her to one of the two white folding chairs, positioned four feet in front of the main attraction.

Grayson stepped next to Deanne, whose eyes had gone wide now. They all knew what was coming now, as everyone, including her, had been briefed on what was going to occur during the ceremony. Grayson began the speech he had prepared.

“Dear Mom, Dad, my future bride. This is the culmination of everything you have ever taught me. I want to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. I know I wasn’t always the easiest pupil. Even when I cried and refused to look at old Henry when you were bashing his head in, when I was ten. You remember that, Dad?”

“Oh, I certainly do, Son! I still had faith in you. Always have.”

“So it is with honor and respect, for the both of you, that Gabriella–who you have so wisely chosen for me, Mother.–and I have decided to remain here, at home, with the two of you. We wish to keep on the tradition of murdering, the family business, with you until the day comes, when we will raise a son or a daughter the way you have raised me and it is my turn to take your lives, they way you have taken Nana and Papa’s.”

Sandra clapped her hands over her mouth, as she had earlier, and looked at Xavier, who looked back at her with ecstatic joy. They hugged each other, and looked back to their son. Sandra mouthed to him, Thank you. and blew him a kiss.

“To Nana and Papa, you were wonderful grandparents.” They all looked left, where Nana and Papa were sitting on a white leather Victorian couch. They were carefully preserved, positioned, and dressed for the occasion. Both of them were wearing real smiles that they had purposely died with. Neither wanted to appear sombre for their grandson’s big day. They wore their own graduation clothes from the early nineteen fifties. Their exit ceremony had taken place the evening before, and they had been prepared by Sandra after their passing. “This one is for you.”

Sandra knew who this was really for, but she honored the sentiment all the same.

“And without further ado, I call this, “Getting what’s coming to you!” Enjoy.

And Grayson went to work.




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    1. Thank you Damyanti, it’s definitely targeted at a certain type of audience, but it makes me feel good that you gave it an honest read, and commented. You don’t know how good, actually! Thanks so much! 🙂


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